Welcome to Colombian Salsa!

Welcome to ColombianSalsa.net!

This site is about Colombian-style salsa dancing, also known as Cali-style salsa.

If you’ve never seen Colombian salsa before, it’s a high energy dance that involves incredibly fast footwork and daring acrobatics. It’s a salsa style that was developed in Cali, Colombia and has come to become one of the national sports of the city which is now known as “The Capital of Salsa”.

Colombian salsa is danced almost exclusively in Colombia, but interest in the dance has started to grow as dancers from Colombia have wowed audiences at salsa congresses and competitions around the world.

It’s still hard to find information about Colombian salsa online, which is why I put together this site to gather together all the information available about Colombian salsa in one place. I’ve also traveled to Colombia a number of times to learn directly from Colombian dancers, and I’ll be sharing my experience as well.

Thanks for stopping by my site, and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.